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Reverse Mortgage Lender

Rosemarie J. Litoff

Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

NMLS #238800
CA BRE#: 01492891

(805) 657-0432
C2 Financial Corporation NMLS#: 135622 | BRE# 01821025

San Diego Reverse Mortgage Lender Near You

If you’re 55+, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage.

Ask me how.

Getting A Reverse Mortgage Can’t Be A Pleasant Experience? I STRONGLY disagree! 

With over 15 years in the mortgage industry, I know the ins- and outs, the challenges and the shortcuts. I recognize you need quality information to make well informed decisions about how to refinance or purchase a home. And having been on the wrong end of some bad mortgage transactions, I am determined to provide anyone with whom I work with a positive loan experience. 

And as one of LESS THAN 200 CERTIFIED REVERSE MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS IN THE UNITED STATES, I have passed a demanding series of tests to receive the highest industry credential available. It’s a challenge most of my peers won’t even attempt. 

Certifiably Honest

To ensure my ability to continually anticipate and serve your every mortgage need, I regularly pursue extensive continuing education to stay current on all the rules and regulations. I’ve also passed a VERY strict statewide ethics exam AND a 7-year background check

The State of California has confirmed that every bit of the millions of dollars I’ve closed during my career has been accurately accounted for and properly distributed. 

My experience teaches me there’s a lot of details you’ll need to process, potentially with hundreds of pages of legal documents and big implications. It can all be confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating. This makes my job critical, helping you to structure a deal that makes the most sense for your personal financial situation

Three Promises To You

I’m going to be by your side every step of the way…and I’ll make the process pleasant. I can take a joke, appreciate the absurdities of life, and know when to share a smile or a shoulder to cry on. 

YOU’LL FIND I ONLY WORK WITH A FEW CLIENTS. This lets me focus on your needs and your vision for tomorrow. It lets me get to know you, and to help you understand how I’ll be a long-term asset in your life.

It also explains why so many of my clients have become my friends.

Getting Started

We should talk if you’re looking for someone who will really care about you when you’re interested in:

  • Arranging a reverse mortgage that only gets repaid when you sell your home
  • Buying a home without a mortgage payment
  • Refinancing for a lower mortgage rate…even if you already have a Reverse Mortgage
  • Getting tax free cash out of your house without having to sell it
  • Establishing a growing Line of Credit

We should talk if you want professional answers for questions from your family, financial planner, accountant, or attorney. 

We should talk if you have heard wild stories about reverse mortgages, even though it’s rated by JD Powers as having the highest satisfaction rate of any available financial product.

We should talk. It’ll answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and costs you nothing.

Because life is stressful enough. Putting your home equity to work for you shouldn’t add to your troubles.

Why C2 Financial Corporation?

I choose to work with C2 because they’re the nation’s largest broker. This means they get preferred pricing and service from wholesale lenders, translating into great rates, lowest fees, and quicker closings for my clients.

But being a large company and closing a lot of loans doesn’t make C2 great. What I really like is their commitment to the borrower to always do the right thing. Like me, C2 makes a commitment…and sticks by it.

And did you know that:

  • C2 Financial Corporation is the #1 Broker in the U.S
  • C2 Financial Corporation has been rated by the Scotsman Guide as a Top Lender for 4 consecutive years
  • C2 Financial Corporation has been rated by Mortgage Professional Magazine in the Top 50 Mortgage Companies to work with
  • C2 Financial Corporation has been featured in National Mortgage Professional magazine

Rosemarie J Litoff
DRE# 01492891 NMLS 238800
C2 Financial Corporation:  DRE# 01821025 NMLS# 135622

Give me a call today!

Landline: (858) 673-0288
Cell: (805) 657-0432

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Rosemarie is a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional.
Read the Press Release Here about her unique desigination.